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Barenbrug Mow Saver Grass Mix 15kg

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Low-growing, fast-establishing grass

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The low-growing, fast-establishing Mow Saver produces less biomass (clippings), reducing the need for mowing by up to no less than 35%. Less mowing implies both economic and ecological benefits in the form of savings in labour, fuel and the costs involved in the disposal of the clippings. Mow Saver remains short during less favourable climate conditions and throughout all the growing months. Measurements in Barenbrug’s trial fields have shown that Mow Saver grass is 30% shorter than standard grass fourteen days after mowing. 
Less frequent mowing of slow-growing grass also has a direct effect on the volumes of clippings produced. Practical trials carried out by Barenbrug have shown that Mow Saver used in a lawn or park will produce 50% less leaf mass a year than grass of a standard mixture. And what isn’t produced doesn’t have to be disposed of! There’s no longer any need for you to mow your grass every week; 65 % of your usual mowing sessions will suffice - a reduction of 35%.

  • Fewer mowing sessions

  • Smaller volumes of clippings to be disposed of

  • Fast establishment

  • Ideal for robot grass mowers

  • LMT - Less Mowing Technology

  • Green Earth label.

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