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Perlka - Granulated nitrogenous calcium cyanamide

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Granulated nitrogenous calcium cyanamide (PERLKA®), one of the EU-authorized fertilisers, is an environmentally friendly, multi-purpose fertiliser. Owing to its special composition calcium cyanamide provides plants with nitrogen in an ideal way, as well as supplying the soil with valuable lime. Calcium cyanamide increases the microbial activity in the soil and creates a soil microflora suppressive to pathogens. Used in the right way calcium cyanamide helps to grow healthy crops with less competition through weeds.

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Today the multipurpose fertilizer still plays an important role in crop cultivation, because calcium cyanamide is the only fertilizer that contains the nutrient element nitrogen in the so-called NCN binding form. This helps ensure that plants are supplied with nitrogen over a longer time period as and when needed.  Fertilizing with calcium cyanamide also increases the biological activity of the soil. Soil-borne pathogens are forced into retreat by the stronger natural competition.

The second nutrient element that calcium cyanamide contains is calcium. This is mostly water-soluble and so is immediately available to the plants. Whereas other nitrogen fertilizers tend to make the soil more acid, calcium cyanamide improves the lime balance of the soil. In sum, on soils that are fertilized with calcium cyanamide plants receive the ideal amount of nitrogen, the structure of the soil is improved through the addition of valuable lime, and the soil hygiene is improved at the same time.

Общ азот 19.8%
Нитратен азот 1.8%
Цианамиден азот > 15%
Дицианамиден азот около 0.5%
Neutralising value (CaO)* > 50%
Размер на гранулата 0.8  -  3.5 mm

производител: AlzChem - Germany           

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