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Flower food for cut blossom Rose Chrysal Clear

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This food helps the most popular flower in the world, rose to grow completely.
Flower food for cut blossom Rose Chrysal Clear is peculiar muck, which feed up the flowers.

- it helps the flowering and increase the quality of the leaves
- it lowers the pH level of the water
- fast soluble in water, without colour and smell
- guaranteed life in vase over 7 days

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There are many experiments where most of the roses react positive on treatment with flower powder food Chrysal Clear. For better results Chrysal made a special food only for roses: Chrysal Clear Rose. This product contains ingredients needed for better water balance of the rose. Because of that, the life duration and quality of the rose in vase is mostly better than the action of the universal flower food. The improvement of the life quality of the rose is up to 80%. ; Application - easy attachment to bouquets - you don't need to change the water or next cutting the stems during the stay of the flower in the vase - it decrease the waste - drop off the complaints unsatisfied clients - raise the quality by low price of a stem - suitable for mixed rose bouquets ; Dosage Proposed in package for dissolution in 0.5L and 1 L water. ; Useful ! 1.Don't mix stale with fresh solution. 2. Don't use vase and buckets made from unsecured metal ( zinc, iron, copper ) or (old) crystal vase. 3. If necessary pour some more flower food Chrysal Clear Universal (liquid) in the water. If not necessary you can use flower food Chrysal Clear. 4.The stale solution can be threw down the drain.

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